Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bento #5 & #6

Bento #5 - Soba with Gyoza
Was not really very well prepared for this bento, so decided to make some green tea soba and gyoza for hubby's bento on Monday.

Gyoza skin was bought ready made from the supermarket... and it's wrapped with minced pork and chopped chives... guess the meat was a bit too lean, hubby commented that it was a tad dry when he ate it... nevertheless, hubby finished every bit of the bento lunch :)

Bento #6 - Star Dish "Potato Croquette"
Today we have a star dish the potato croquette. Preparation was all done the night before...while it was fried this morning. It was rather tasty (I tested it myself this morning). Will share the recipe to the potato croquette at the end of this blog post.

I shaped a few of the croquettes using cookie cutters and the result wasn't too bad... I used a tulip and heart shape cutter... ;)

RECIPE - Potato Croquette

300gms Potatoes (quantity depending on your preference)
100gms Sweet garden green peas
200gms Minced chicken meat
3 Minced shallots (or small red onions)
1 Egg beaten
Bread Crumbs (I used the Japanese Panko)
Dash of Pepper and Salt to taste
Oil for frying
*Optional - you may add sweet corn kernels and/or chopped carrots into the potato mixture

Method of preparation
1) Boil potatoes (with skin in tact) till soft
2) Mash the potatoes after they are soft and skinned
3) Add chopped shallots, minced chicken meat & sweet garden green peas, beaten egg
4) Add pepper & salt, then mix till all ingredients are well incorporated
5) Shape the potato mixture to your desired size and shape
6) Before frying, coat the shaped potato patties with panko
7) Heat oil till hot
8) Fry the croquettes till golden brown
9) Serve with tomato ketchup or Dijonnaise Mustard


allthingspurple said...

wow..looks like they are straight out from a Japanese Restaurant !!!

Thanks for sharing the recipe !! will try that soon !! BTW, you should post those pictures up at the facebook bento group. They are really amazing !!!

LZmommy said...

Oh no! I'm drooling right now. Hehehe...

mamabliss said...

Hello Christene, hehehe thank you dear... it's really mostly chinese food wahahaha... or rather Japanese food prepared the chinese way...

FB is giving me a lot of problems... always get error and have problems logging into the system... think anytime FB might just crash...too many ppl using it :P

mamabliss said...

Hi LZMommy, hehehe your bento looks delish too :)