Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marble Bread

Yesterday, I was surfing the Happy Home Baker's blog and this recipe caught my eye... and as luck would have it, I have all the ingredients needed for this bread available at home... so I told myself I MUST give it a try ;)

I must confess that it's a lot of work that I didn't anticipate... as I've been too used to baking breads using the bread maker... handmade bread is completely new to me. Not knowing what I'm getting myself into I started the baking process...It was painstakingly fun...there was a time that I wanted to give up while kneading the green tea powder into the dough... cos I had the dough sticking all over my fingers and I can't seem to get them off... and the green tea powder didn't seem to blend into the dough very well... fortunately, I persisted and made it at last... ;)

When I finally plaited the dough together that was the mark of satisfaction for all that 'hardwork'.

So how did it all turn out?
The crust was a tad too hard and crispy for my liking... on the whole, it tasted...ermm like bread... *wink*


Joyce Long said...

Hi Pauline,

Wow..Yummy!!! Think you can consider open a bakery shop and I will be one of your regular customers cuz I love bread..

mamabliss said...

hehehe thanks Joyce... am still amateur in baking... but it's certainly a lot of fun ;)

mamaseah said...

well done well done. i saw this posting in happy home baker's blog too. but it'll probably be a long long while before i try baking bread. i need to master muffins cupcakes and cookies first heheheh

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi mamabliss, you did a great job in plaiting the dough :D
I noticed that you didnt use a pullman tin? or you didnt cover it with the lid when baking? This will yield a harder crust if baked uncovered...coz I tried once with another bread (from the same cookbook), I removed the lid when the baking time was up as the top was still not golden brown, so after baking, the crust became hard. Strange, this doesnt happen to other recipes from other sources.

mamabliss said...

Hello Happy Homebaker, thanks for visiting :) I can't find the pullman tin...went to poon huat and they don't have it there... where did you get yours?

As you can see, I am still a novice in baking hehehe... but what kind of lid should I use? Does the pullman tin comes with a lid?

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Mamabliss, I got my pullman tin from Phoon Huat. However, I read from another blogger's post that the pullman tin from Sun Lik is better. Yes the pullman tin comes with the lid.