Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bread Making 101

Here's what I've learnt about Bread Making recently... and it interest me completely to want to share it... for a novice bread maker like me...this is essential information... at least now I know why some ingredients are used and what purpose is it used for...and to if I want to seek for alternative ingredients I know what to use...

Happy Baking!!!Bread Flour - Refers to high proten flour used for making bread

Plain Flour - Refers to all purpose flour and is used for making pastry and cakes. To make bread, it's usually mixed with bread flour.

Baking Powder - This is a leavening agent

Bread Emulsifier - It makes the bread softer and last longer. 1tsp of bread emulsifier can be added into basic sweet bun dough.

Yeast - Fresh yeast, must be kept in the fridge at 5 degree celcius. Instant yeast, is much stronger than fresh yeast and can be added straight into the flour without further processing. If you replace instant yeast with fresh yeast, you should use double the amount of fresh yeast.

Milk - Improves the flavour and nutritional value of bread.

Milk Powder - It improves the flavour and colour of bread. It also increases the nutritional value.

Sugar - It makes bread softer and improves the colour of the outer crust. If more sugar is added, the crust will become darker. These sugar can be use on bread making - castor sugar, icing sugar, brown sugar, honey, glucose, maltose, molasses or invert sugar syrup.

Eggs - It improves the nutritional value and flavour of bread, they also make the bread softer. Egg yolk contains fat which is a natural emulsifier.

Salt - Accentuates the flavour of other ingredients.

Bread Improver - It provides yeast nutrients and increases the volume of the bread. 1/2 tsp can be added into basic sweet bun dough if you like.

Butter - It makes the bread softer and tastier.

Margarine - This can be used to replace butter.

Shortening - It is made from vegetable fat which consists of 99% fat. This is always used in baking bread and deep frying.

Pastry Margarine / Croissant Margarine - Use for making croissants and Danish pastries. They are incorporated into the dough during processing to make the product puff up and produce a layering effect.

Sodium Bicarbonate - This is a leavening agent.

Rye Flour - Mainly mixed with bread flour to make bread.

Whipping Cream - This improves the flavour and nutritional value of the bread.

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