Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bento TV

Was blog hopping around today and discovered a whole new world in Bento decorating... oh my all the wonderfully cute egg & rice moulds and stencils and nori cutters... gosh I'm blown away... it's an ART to create your bento I must say...

As I blog hopped around, I stumble upon this TV Blog on's called Bento TV... where a daily dose of ideas on how to create your own really personalized and filled with love Bento...

Check it out here...Bento TV


U.Lee said...

Hi Mama Bliss, I was at Sting's blog noticed your callsign and busybody over.
Gosh! You sure have a beautiful kid. So cute. Can see beauty runs in the family, ha ha.
Nice blog you have too and enjoyed looking at your slides...nice family members you have.
Must be your in-laws and out-laws, huh?
Being a mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in the world in any field, since the payment is pure love. By the way, you in Singapore or Malaysia?
You stay easy and have a nice day, best regards, Lee.

Yummy Mummy said...

hi there! i chanced upon your blog whilst searching for blogs by other mommies! :)

i must say, you have such beautiful kids!

i'm a SAHM, too, and like you i'm lovin' every minute of it! :) i just gave birth to a baby boy a little over a month ago... and we started a baby blog at

hope to get to know more mothers like yourself! keep in touch!

ann boyd