Friday, March 28, 2008


Timothy has finally had his last jab... this is really the FINAL for the next year or so... he's took the 2nd dose of Hep A jab today... and this brave little boy didn't even utter a sound... he just merely jerked his leg a little when the jab was being administered... *proud mama*

I'm recording all these for him... and I hope he'll be able to know how he's been progressing from birth till the day he's able to read independently... ;)

The nurse took his weight and he's at 13.6kg now... he's skinny as skinny can be... but am grateful he's a healthy and happy boy (can't ask for more)...

Here's my records of observation of Tim lately -
1) he's exhibiting interest in counting, albeit not in the correct sequence...he goes like "1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... strangely, when I raise my fingers in sequence of 1-2-3-4, he's able to say it correctly *scratch head*
2) he's able to recognize and know the names of different colours (red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, brown) very well now
3) he's able to draw in circular motion and is attempting to imitate the drawings we do (eg. fishes, bear, apple, pear...)
4) he's able to articulate his thoughts and what he wants quite clearly
5) he's better at applying the Ps & Qs now (eg. he'll ask for my permission whenever he wish to switch on the TV and thank me for allowing him to watch afterwhich)
6) he's very affectionate towards us as well as people he's familiar with (eg. the neighbour's kids, he often hug, and kiss them *faint* too over affectionate sometimes)
7) he's thoughtful at trying to solve his own problem (eg. he was at his last raisin, and it was at the bottom of the box, his tiny fingers couldn't reach it; he opened the box at the bottom end to lift out the last raisin in the box) 
8) he's able to create fun out of very ordinary things instead of relying solely on us to buy him new toys... (eg. he found a bottle cap at the playground, and started to kick it like he was kicking a ball... he was playing this game for a good 10mins on his own)
9) he's better control during drinking water from a cup on his own... and he's also able to feed himself with better control (not as messy as before)
10) he's able to tell me what is onion (the size as well as the colour), garlic, peanuts, black beans, red beans, green beans, apple, pear, grapes, banana, orange...
11) he's able to take out and put back his shoes/sandals/slippers from the shoe cabinet while opening and closing the doors of the cabinet gently (ie. without slamming)
12) he's able to place the dvd/vcd into the player and switch on the movie sound system without any aid *FAINT*
13) he imitated how the adults who exercise at the exercising corner down at our block very well (this really cracked me up)

Will continue to keep records of my observations of his progress from time-to-time... these observations indicate to me that I need to follow-up on all these developments and create opportunities of new challenges to the child so as to help him grow independently and learn more... as advocated by Montessori.

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