Monday, March 03, 2008

Off We Go To The... T3

We woke up on Saturday morning...wanting to bring our little ones to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at the Botanic Garden... alas, the weather was a wet one... that however didn't dampen our mood... we changed our plans to head towards Changi Airport T3 instead.

I armed myself with the Richard Scarry's Book on A Day At The Airport ... how apt right? teehehe... not letting a moment off without making Tim learn something wahahaha *kiasu mama*

It was afterall a good alternative plan... Timothy was having a hay-day...enjoying himself running up and down...the vast amount of space was simply ideal for a super power pack energizer bunny - Tim! *relief mama*

Hubby, turned out to be busier than Timothy... he was busy admiring the architecture and how the entire place was constructed... and he simply couldn't stop commending the works of the architects and designers...

Anyways, here are some shots of the day -Shots on the place taken by hubby... while the pic of father & son was taken by me... :) At this stage, it's almost impossible to have a decent family portrait taken sigh... I'm just happy that the kiddos had fun during the day... Managed to take a few nice shots of Joyce with her big bright eyes... don't she look like a doll? *beaming mama*
Tim was absolutely attracted by the huge red propellor at the departure hall... he was just standing there staring hard and kept on repeating *smile* once again, our family picture is "foiled"... sigh...Tim have had a wonderful time of running about and learning/discovering new things (I hope) along the way at the airport that day... while Joyce was busy looking here and there...trying to make sense out of where she was...haha...

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