Monday, March 17, 2008

How Much is That Doggie In the Window?

Was inspired to bake some cookies after visiting Fannie's blog... discovered the Doggie shaped cookies make perfect treats for the little one... as he is kinda sick of the same biscuits and raisins that I've been giving him...Didn't manage to find Horlicks in smaller bottles in NTUC today, so I resorted to Ovaltine Malt Drink instead, so hopefully these cookies would entice Tim to want to have a bite teehehe...

Got the recipe from here (as linked in Fannie's blog)... I guess my first attempt didn't look that bad huh? Hopefully it tastes as good... ;)


Ericia said...

Hi Mamabliss,

Thanks for your comment earlier today. Wow! Ur blog impress me. U must have spend a lot of time on ur blog.

Knew your interest in Montessori. I graduate from MMI years ago but I'm not teaching! I learnt for the interest of learning. Hopefully soon, I can be put it into practise on my little Jerick.

Ha! Seems like a lot to catch up. Can I link ur blog to mine? Thanks!

Mother to Aidan Monster said...

Hi Pauline,
The doggie biscuits look yumilicious!

Would like to check with you since you did the couse in the montessori method. Out of the tons of montessori-affiliated playschools in Singapore, which one would you strongly recommend? Tks =)

mamaseah said...

i did 1 lot of these doggies during CNY too. will post pic of them soon. it'll be fun to look at the different faces of dogs that the same recipe can produce. hehehee

Mother to Aidan Monster said...

Hi Pauline,

Thanks for your email. I will chk out MMI. I like what I hear/read about Maria Montessori's method, so I guess I would love to expose baby Aidan to it =)