Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Moments...

After the episode with Tim, things have settled a bit... as I've noticed the behaviour change when I've made the change first... and I truly thank God for His grace and mercies... Tim is much calmer and definitely as sweet as ever... ;)

Here are some happy moments I've captured over the weekend...The cousins were having a ball of a time over at my mum's place last Sunday. The baby cot has became a mini nursery all of a sudden... *grin*Our big Little Missy, just simply brings smiles to my face... she's such a doll... ;)
Tim is simply fascinated by the kiddy rides over at the United Square... he simply don't want to leave the place... *faint*


Rose said...

Mamabliss, those moments are always the happiest in your life! Seeing kids growing up healthy and happy is always great. Cherish them in your heart.

Javier & Jeanie said...

Joyce look so sweet. I really love her big lovely eyes. Make me so envy :)