Friday, March 14, 2008

Canon IXUS 860IS

YES!!! That's my new toy!!! ;) Credit goes to hubby... this will be my... 35th birthday pressie... sigh... getting older soon... anyways, back to my new toy...
I love this camera for the multiple wonderful features... especially these -
1) Wide Angle Lenses
2) High speed ISO 1600 shooting
3) Sleek Body
4) Multi Face Detection function
5) Optical Image Stabilizer
6) 3" LCD Screen*** (my favourite feature!!!)

Not bad for a compact camera... however, my trusted Nikon CoolPix P2 (2.5yrs old now) still has a better Macro function compared to the Canon one. I'll use these two cameras interchangeably... will use IXUS to take the kids more while CoolPix P2 will still be used to take my crafts and bakes ;)

Oh did I tell you that the Canon camera was bought in Dubai? It's cheaper by 1/3 of the price here. For most digital and electrical goods it is cheaper to get it in Dubai *smile* so if you have friends or relatives in Dubai or who travels to Dubai often, remember to ask them for a favour... ;)


J@n!ce said...

Pauline, Happy Birthday to you. That's a nice cool gadget. I din know that elec goods are cheaper in Dubai. Thanks for informing. Its a beautiful country I hope I get a chance to go..... :)

mamabliss said...

hey Janice... no probs at all... yes I heard it's a beautiful place it's as modern and upbeat as Manhattan... my bro-in-law just got back from there yesterday and he told me of this MEGA Mall that I MUST go see it one day... hopefully I could be going before my niece is back for good...teehehe... ;)