Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is for them...

It's really no joke nursing a sick child... all the energy, time and focus were channeled just on the little one... I'm exhausted beyond words could describe... Waking up several times a night is just taking a toll on me... been having several bouts of migraine headaches...I've been hitting the sack as early as 9pm... still I don't think I've had enough of sleep at all... in spite of sleeping early, I still have to keep up with the 'graveyard shift' *yawn*

I haven't been homeschooling Tim this whole week, still trying to recuperate from all the sleepless nights... am just extremely grateful that Little Missy is feeling much better... thanks to all the blogging mommies who have left your comments in my last blog entry, Joyce is certainly much happier now... :)It's been 6 months and Joyce hasn't had a haircut since she was born (I didn't shave her at all)... she's not as 'well endowed' as her brother in that aspect... so we were able to keep her hair the way it is till now... it's getting a little haywire lately... all the uneven length, notwithstanding the standing hair... I've decided to give her mane a trim... just to make her look neater and feel fresher... I was not very good at cutting baby's hair... so this is by far, the best I could have done... well at least, she doesn't look like her bro when I first cut his hair... wahahahaha... see if you can guess who Tim looked like after his very first haircut by mommy (hint: a former political leader of China)... honestly, I felt indignant by the remark hubby made, when he first saw this hairstyle of Tim's.Tim was 2 months old when he had his first haircut by me... *smile*... can you guess who did he look like then? Answer will be revealed in the next post.

*Digital Scrapbook elements by Shabby Princess

I'm happy that the kiddos are getting along fine... despite some snatching of toys (by Timothy) and screams of protest (by Joyce)... I know they are having fun with each other and are enjoying each others' company... how do I know? I can tell it from their smiles whenever they are together... ;) took these series of pictures (was actually meant to be Joyce's before haircut shots when Tim wanted to join in the photo-session)... and I hope they'll always remember the love they have for each other... *blissful*

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