Saturday, February 02, 2008

Macha Ice Cream

Ooooh... how I love the Green Tea ice-cream with red beans... I had a can of ready-cooked red beans and I thought it'll be good to use it up...

Bought a pack of Green Tea ice-cream powder from the supermart and made myself some nice Macha ice-cream...It's really simple. Here are the steps -
1) Pour 150ml of milk (I used the packet full cream fresh milk), add an egg and stir well
2) Pour the Macha ice-cream powder into the mixture and mix well till all the powder is dissolved
3) Freeze the mixture in a container for over 3 hrs
4) Take it out of the freezer to "defrost" for a couple of minutes (cos it's hard as a rock when you take it out of the freezer immediately).
5) Scoop yourself some macha ice-cream, add the red beans and VOILA!!!

Bon Appetite...Ooooh YUMMY!!!

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