Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's about my kids...

Journey as a SAHM is both joy and pain roll into one... but at the end of the day it's more joy than pain in my point of view... just look at the beautiful smiles of Joyce's... the pain is all thrown out of the window once she flashes her smile at me... ;)
This is the reason why I desire to be a SAHM... to be there to share the tears, fun and laughter with my beautiful children...

Took Joyce for her 2nd dose of DPT jab yesterday... and the nurse said that she's growing "VERY" well... she's at the 90th percentile for height, weight & head circumference *faint*
She's now at a height of 67cm, weighing 7.8kg and has a head circumference of 43cm... must be the formula milk that we are feeding her... :P
I remember arming myself with a Baby Sling before Tim was born...getting prepared to use it on my baby. After both my kids were born... I've not even touched it once... simply because, it was too sophisticated for my simple mind... but look at my helper... she made a sling out of a simple sarong cloth and it worked perfectly as well... hmmm... somebody tell me why I even bother to pay so much $$$ for a Baby Sling that a sarong cloth can just do the trick??? :/
It's getting harder to keep Tim on the high-chair while feeding him... so we've to constantly keep him entertained by putting toys on the table of the high-chair to keep him occupied. Just a month ago, we've subscribed to Playhouse Disney (fantastic & wholesome tv programmes for the kiddo)... and just realised that the toy tools I've bought Tim came in handy... each time "Handy Manny" is on, we'll place the toy tools for him to play and associate with the programme... easy trick!
Tim's progress in learning about colours is still on-going...but I've plans to stop the learning of colours for the time being as he's already learned all the primary colours (Red, Yellow & Blue)... We will be taking a break during the Lunar New Year week... will share more of what we are going to learn next sometime soon...

Anyway, I digressed...Tim surprised me by saying "Pink" a few days ago while I was feeding him his medication (the medicine was pink) for fever. I remembered reading him the Pooh & Friends - Colours book when he was around 1-yr-old... didn't think that he could recall the name of the colour "Pink" since it was quite a while ago that I taught him that... interesting isn't it? So, my efforts in reading to Tim at a young age has made some progress afterall..."The Everything Book", Tim's current favourite book... everytime I said to read him a story... he'll pull this book out... *faint*... I'm getting BORED of this book already... then again, if it interests him, I'll still continue to read. I learnt about this book from the "Read Aloud Handbook" by Jim Trelease... it's a very simple book but we (Tim & I) had a lot of fun reading it together... especially the 2 pages on Faces... he loved it when he point at one of the faces I'll imitate and teach him what the faces represent... he also loved the page on Pets... and he is able to name all the animals on the page other than the guinea pig... ;) *proud mama*


ian in boston said...

Hey there!

thanks for the reminder on the flap for baking machine on my blog. Unfortunately i did what i was told by the promoter and still it did not work. You bake bread too? which brand breadmaker?

Anyhow Tim and Joyce are growing beautifully, and Joyce has your big, beautiful eyes, gorgous!

I am hoping to make it for the homesch event, hope to see you there!

mamabliss said...

oh great! u'll be there at the Homeschool Fair too huh... I'll be there to help Jenny out at the event... so yah will be great to meet u ;)

aww sorry to hear that the bread didn't turn out the way it shd... I used the Breville bread maker... it's quite good so far... it's an Aussie brand...

La Familia Higgy said...

My wife felt the same way as you did when she got her first baby sling:

somebody tell me why I even bother to pay so much $$$ for a Baby Sling that a sarong cloth can just do the trick???

So she did something similar that your helper did. She made a simple baby sling out of one piece of fabric. Now we make and sell them online at

I like how you add small drawings to your pics!