Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I have a new domestic helper

One of the things I've learnt in Montessori methods, is to follow the interest of the child... and the best place to start learning is anything and everything at home... that's one of the emphasis of Montessori's methods of learning... ie. practical life skills...

I noticed, Tim is ever curious about the things that the adults do at home... and I've since allowed him to mop the floor (an opportunity to teach him to clean up after his own mess too teehehe)... he messed up again today as I tried to toilet train him... and as our helper was taking out the mop, our very zealous Timothy, "offered" to help... so I told our helper to let Tim clean up the mess he has made...kekeke

After a while, he got tired of the mop...so I took out the magic clean broom and asked him to sweep the floor... ;)

Do I sound like I'm abusing my own son? Not at all... since it is through play that he learns... I just might as well allow him to do the 'cleaning' to mete all his temper tantrums... and at the same time he could learn some practical life skills... killing two birds in one stone. BRILLIANT Montessori!!! *wink*

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