Saturday, January 05, 2008

Holiday in Adelaide

**Warning - Long Post**

This trip to Adelaide was nothing but rest and relax... We spent most our time snoozing (I think)... hehehe but that's what holiday should be isn't it?
We left for Adelaide on 14th Nov 2007
The streets of Adelaide was beautiful...lined with trees with purple flowers
We were immediately drawn to the backyard
Guess what treasures I found in the backyard?
ans : Peach Tree and Grape Vines
Found this ridiculous looking hat at the shops...(was totally cracked up by it) guess what it's use for?
ans : Ward away the houseflies
We had an early Christmas Celebration in the church
It was a evening of indulgence... we LUUUUURVE the fresh oysters!!!
The German Town - Hahndorf is quaint and beautiful
We had lunch at the German Arms Bistro - food portion was HUGE
Who's prettier? Me or the Flowers...muahaha *vain mama*
Adelaide is well known for her wine...

Barossa Valley is a REAL BEAUTY!!!
I love this little courtyard at the Grant Burge Vineyard

Ahh... the famous Jacob's Creek...
The cafe at Jacob's Creek served the BEST food... *slurp*
Our dinner gathering on our final evening in Adelaide


LZmommy said...

Looks like I am not the only one having a great time :) Happy New Year to You!

mamabliss said...

yes dear...I've had a wonderfully great time in Adelaide...

Have a blessed new year too ;)