Monday, January 14, 2008

First Day At Work...

It's been official!!! I am now a SAHM!!! *blissful* Today marks a new beginning for me... and it's a day I really need to note down... ;)

So how's my first day at work, you may ask... it's nothing short of a roll
er coaster ride...(honestly)... it's so different from the time when I was on my 3 months' maternity leave. The challenge of being a mother to a super hyper, curious, will not take no for an answer, toddler who's at the T2 stage... and a growing, and needy infant... hmmm... (what am I getting myself into???)... Well, it's really not that bad... 

The day began at 5.30am with Joyce crying for her milk... and at 6am, Timothy, shouting for me... and what happened next... I don't believe it myself too... 

7am - instructed our helper to take care of hubby's breakfast & lunch
730am - left house with Timothy to the market and spent time at the playground with him afterwhich...
830am - tried to homeschool Timothy (but failed)  :(  he was restless, unable to focus on what I was trying to teach him... I guess he's just not use to the new routine and new things happening...
9am - brought out the paint set for Timothy to paint... (his first attempt)
930am - have our helper feed Timothy while I prepared for lunch
10am - bathe Timothy (was trying to toilet train Timothy, amidst my super busy day... guess he wasn't quite ready... hence mess up quite a lot during the entire morning... so I 'made' him clean up his own mess... wahaha... he loved it...another Montessori's practical life skill activity - he's quite good at handling the mop apparently hahaha)
1030am - bathe Joyce
1130am - cooked lunch and eat lunch
1230pm - send Tim off to his bed for a nap
1230pm - bonding time with Joyce; read her a book and played with her then fed her (she's quite a darling... her smile just simply melts my heart... oooh I'm so in love with Joyce)
1pm - 4pm - ME time surfing the net, chatting on MSN
430pm - baked a green tea cake (second attempt in baking a green tea cake... this time it turn out beautifully...) 
530pm - took a quick snooze while Joyce is napping
630pm - cooked dinner
730pm - dine with hubby
8pm - 9pm - family bonding time
9pm - 1130pm - blogging time *smile*

What a LOOOOOOOOONG first day at work.... *exhausted mama*


mommyjos said...

Hey pauline, really glad to hear that you are now a SAHM! :)
What more can your kids asked for! A totally devoted mum!

Gosh, what a eventful day for you, I'm sure you needs lots of energizer batteries in the days ahead! All the best in your new journey and hope to hear more of your journey as a new SAHM! :)

Enjoy! :)

Mamaseah said...

*clap clap* well done for the 1st day!!! u really did alot in a day!!! if I'm in ur shoe, plus a helper to assist, i'll probably be snoozing the day away hehehee.

Tim looks pretty skillful handling the mop. The pics you take makes him look like a poor child labour hahahah

Dawn Ling said...

Wow..good job! U deserve a pat on the back! I admire you! I'll prob go mad. Haha

Dawn Ling said...

Wow..good job! U deserve a pat on the back! I admire you! I'll prob go mad. Haha

fannie said...

WOW!!! It's a fruitful day! I hope to look forward to my maternity leave to be able to spend lotsa time with my kiddos too :) U have really done well, Pauline...but being a SAHM is more tiring than working I must say...but the returns are no where comparable :)

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Josephine... yes, I'm also glad that this day has finally arrived... my dream come true... *smile* thanks dear... u r right, i would really need loads of energy running around 2 kiddos... hehehe

Hi Ivy, yeah... I thot that pix made tim looked a lot like a child labour...what's more he was completely's as if I've forced him into child labour wahahha *funny*

Hello Dawn, thanks dear... yeah... it's only my first day...and it felt like I've been a SAHM for a long time... may God grant me the sufficient grace as I go through the journey as a SAHM

Hilo Fannie... yes you are definitely right...about the rewards of being a SAHM... it's definitely immeasurable... ;)

Priscilla said...

Oh wow, I love the look of the green tea cake. Is it possible for you to post the recipe please?