Sunday, January 06, 2008

Craft-A-Minute - GIFT TAG

I know this is a little overdue...however... I'd like to share something I did by refreshing an old greeting card into a 'good as new' gift tag...
I was going through my box of old christmas greeting card...I discovered a few left over greeting cards that have been kept in storage for quite a couple of years... and since its size was rather small... it made very good gift instead of buying new ones, I revived these unused old cards.

Due to the humidity and improper way of storage, there were yellow spots found on the card so this is what I did to revive it -

Step 1 - cut the card into half at the crease line
Step 2 - use the half with the printed picture (front cover of the card)
Step 3 - paste a fresh piece of paper onto the back of the printed side
Step 4 - re-decorate the printed side... in this instance I used glitter glue to dot it onto the card to add a little "glam" to the card  ;P
Step 5 - write a personal message onto the back of the card 

VOILA!!! done... easy peasy? hehehe... 

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