Thursday, January 31, 2008

2008 Singapore Homeschool Fair

The core reason why I've decided to quit my full-time paid job to be a SAHM is so that I'd have the opportunity to educate, nurture & guide my 2 children in a way that I feel and think is appropriate.

Since 2 years ago, I was introduced to homeschooling by Jenny (my partner in our Homeschool Centre - will talk more about this at a later time), I've been researching and chatting with other fellow homeschooling mothers about their experiences and to find out which is the best methods of home education.

That time, homeschooling was still rather new in Singapore and I couldn't find out much about homeschooling then... even though there was a Homeschool Community in Singapore, however, their activities were all held on working days and I was unable to participate to find out more.

Last year, the Homeschool Community held its inaugural Homeschool Fair with a huge success as the turn up was unexpected and it was a stormy day that day. This year, I've been very privileged to be involved with the 2nd Homeschool Fair.

Loads of work has been done by Jenny... and we hope that this fair will give you a better idea of what Homeschooling is all about. This year's fair promised to be better than the last one. To find out more about the fair please refer to this brochure 2008 Singapore Homeschool Fair

See you there!!!


Joan D'Arcy said...

I heard that in SIngapore, you are allowed to homeschool your kids provided you apply for a license to do so.. ;) Cool eh?

A pleasure to exchange links with you! :)

mamabliss said...

Hi Joan, thanks so much for dropping by... yes... for the primary school kids, all the parents need to do is to apply through the ministry of education to get exemption, as primary school is actually compulsory in singapore ;)

oh great! I'll add your blog link in mine asap! ;)

Deana E said...

wow..that is so good..well, just can't leave my job now..