Saturday, December 29, 2007

Funky Hairdo

"How do you like my new hairdo?"

Can't seem to do anything about Joyce's "standing" hair... hehehe... and now that her hair is longer, it looks like grass sticking out of her head...wahahaha *faint*

Today we finally witnessed Joyce flipping over... my SIL told me she's achieved that milestone a couple of weeks ago... hmmm... didn't manage to record that down... shall take a video of her flipping over one of these days... *happy mama*


Mad Tom said...

Finally, someone beat my supercool hairdo. Yours is ultra funky cool, little cute one! :D

Thanks Mamabliss for adding MadTomato to your blogroll. Added you, too.

I noticed you're a PPP member. Me,too.

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Happy blogging!...

mamabliss said...

hey MadTom, thanks so much for your great tip... I'll remove the PPP tag immediately... ;) you've been such a great help!!!