Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We were amazed...

It's been a busy past week at work... and I figured I must have been too comfortable being at home with the kiddos for the past 3 months, that I feel it a little draining at the end of a work day now...I'm in bed at 9pm almost every night... boy, am I exhausted... that explains why the lack of blog entries lately... Anyways, I digressed again...

Just yesterday, my SIL's helper related the day's events with the kiddos to us...and we were very pleased with what we hear... (on the other hand, wish I was there to witness all the events myself though...sigh...) 

Timothy, did a poop in his diaper and nobody noticed it until he walked to the room picked up his diaper & wet wipes and lie down on his changing mat, did my SIL & the helpers realized that he needed a change of diaper... I was so tickled by what was related to us that I couldn't stop laughing... told hubby I MUST jot this down so that he could read it next time...

I've also noticed that he was able to put his finger to his lips when he sees his sister asleep... cos I've been showing that to him whenever he comes near Joyce...

He was also beginning to articulate more words now... (was worried sick about his speech development to the fact that I almost wanted to send him to a speech therapist)... he was able to say "Up, Down" combining that with the action of standing up and squatting down... SIL said he learnt that from the Sesame Street yesterday... here are few other words he says and we were able to identify -
1) ish - fish
2) sss - see
3) hoff - off (switch off the fan)
4) nnn - on (switch on the fan)
5) mom - mom (he learnt to say this because our helper calls me Mam... *faint*)

That's all for now... will pen down more of Tim's development as we go along... *blissful mama*

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