Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tim's Diet

While I am definitely not a dietician... I do believe in providing Timothy with a good diet that is of great importance to his growth... 

Here's just to share on what is Tim's diet like routinely...
- A bottle of milk to start the day with
- A slice of bread with cheese spread or with a slice of cheese (I do alternate that with peanut
 butter spread just to make it a little more interesting)...
- Carrot+Potato Porridge (we alternate that with fish, chicken, minced beef (sometimes minced pork))
- A fruit (varies - Orange or Grapes or Strawberries or Kiwi or Mango)
- Cod Liver Oil (a MUST have daily)
- A bottle of milk before nap
Varies -
A few pieces of wholemeal crackers
or a banana
or a sweet potato
or a slice of bread with peanut butter spread
Dinner varies -
Alphabet Pasta in tomato sauce with chicken or minced beef
or Brown Rice in soup + vegetable + fish (depends on what I cook for dinner - just like what's on the pic below)
or Cereal (this option is usually when I'm too lazy to prepare any cooked food)
- A fruit (varies - Orange or Grapes or Strawberries or Kiwi or Mango)
- A bottle of milk before bed time

This is something I've recently picked up from a dear friend... Shredded Cheddar Cheese & Spinach Omelette... Tim loves it... and I love it too... it's rather tasty... do try it!!! (great for kids who have a problem with vegetable, cos the spinach is being minced to tiny bits)... this simple dish is rich in Calcium, Iron, Protein...
Here's what I do -
Step 1 - Boil the spinach in water till it's cooked, afterwhich, use a blender or kitchen scissors to cut the vege to tiny bits
Step 2 - Beat the eggs (I used 2 small eggs)
Step 3 - Add the cheese (desired amount) into the beaten eggs
Step 4 - Add the minced spinach into the beaten eggs
Step 5 - Fry the omelette


奶媽 said...

"Cod Liver Oil (a MUST have daily)"


Pinky said...

Hi - Timothy's menu looks yummy especially the spinach omelette. Will try that out for my son. Btw, have you tried cleaning his teeth yet? The variety of food that I have selected for Jeremy is pretty restrictive at the moment (eg - plain whole meal bread without any peanut butter or margarine spread) as I haven't gotten around to clean his teeth with a tooth brush or with a hanky.