Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Family Member - Ruth

The past few days have been interesting... spending time meddling on the 'puter... Ruth is really new to me... and I must admit I feel a little frustrated when I can't seem to get things going on Ruth... however, given time, I'm very sure I'll be able to get the hang of things...

This evening, hubby helped to migrate all my data/photos/documents from my old PC into Ruth... WOW... I am almost ready to start running amok with Ruth... teehehe...

But I'm extremely fascinated by iLife'08 and iWork '08... gosh...the softwares are simply so COOL... ;) and I know there are lots I could do with Ruth... but first, I must take baby steps to learn all the tips and tricks to make Ruth work well for me...hiaks~

And yes, Hiroshi-mummy and LZ Mummy... I'm very happy with my purchase and indeed, Mac is a route less travelled...I believe I'll have a lot of fun... *grin*


sharoNG said...

hi, mamabliss.

i'm finally here - dropping by to say hi! :)

my hubby's also a Mac-addict. i too, am contemplating getting a MacBook for my personal use. will see how when bonus comes in dec. ;)

have fun with ruth! :P

take care & God bless,

Mama Bliss said...

hey SharoNg, thanks for visiting my blog... indeed... it's loads of fun with Mac... everyday i'm discovering something new and fun with Ruth... hehehe... you should seriously consider getting one Mac for yourself too... ;) it'll take only a while to get use to the different functions... *grin*

sharoNG said...

okay, noted! ;)