Saturday, October 20, 2007

Daddy's Girl...

I really love to watch Joyce... especially when she blinks her big beautiful bright eyes... and her long lashes is what I admire most... hehehe... *shy-less mama*

Joyce, is really daddy's girl... she loves her daddy just as much as her daddy loves her to bits... She cries very hard whenever she's feeling uncomfortable... and on many occasions I've noticed, when hubby took her over she'll quieten down very quickly... and in no time, she'll enter into la-la land... hmmm :/ I wonder what magic does the daddy have that the rest of the family doesn't... *scratch head*

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IMMomsDaughter said...

Somehow I noticed that dads are close to their daughters and vice versa. My hubby adores our little girl and her daddy is no.1 to her too :)