Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here's Looking @ Tim

I've been too lazy to update Tim's tooth chart that I suddenly realize he has 8 new teeth that are sprouting out... or have already been fully developed... ;P well just last evening I asked Tim to open his mouth and let me have a look at his teeth... WOW... so MANY new teeth... gosh... what have I been doing???... *blush*

Here's what I discover -
First Molar - Top and Bottom gums are all fully developed (oops don't know when exactly it sprang out)
Canine - Top and Bottom gums are still in the process of growing (this one I remember that it was first discovered around July 2007)
So what's left are the Second Molar of the top and bottom gums... and he's done with all the teeth growth... oh my... my son is a Big Boy already!!! teehehe

I've been introducing a lot of things to Tim's home learning through play... and have quite a lot of pictures to document it as well... here are the links to my homeschool blog for your viewing was fun (to me) to watch Tim learn and have fun... such is the joy of being a SAHM... *grin*

Home Learning Activities I
Home Learning Activities II
Home Learning Activities III


The New Parent said...

Hi MB--it's such an amazing time when their teeth are coming in! Although the drooling is pretty amazing. I have never been sure why our little ones drool, but they can soak a rug when teething (smile)!

Mama Bliss said...

Hi there ... yes indeed... i remember I was so thrilled when I saw Tim's first tooth sprouting out from the gums... but yeah... the drooling part was quite a challenge... these days, Tim puts all four fingers into his mouth due to the growing of the new teeth... *faint* hehe