Friday, September 28, 2007

Books Galore

It's all about books... (my favourite acquisitions)...

Am so psyched up about baking more cupcakes/muffins... that when I saw cookbooks on cupcakes/muffins, I simply can't resist buying them... got the "500 Cupcakes & Muffins" at Kinokuniya...cost only $15... not a bad deal consider that there are 500 recipes... wow wee... I can imagine myself being very busy in the kitchen baking soon...muahaha hopefully I'll be able to whip up something decent... and will be applying Jean's tip on the icing...

These series of books are my favourite... these come in a series of 4 books -
This Little Bunny (this was the first book we bought in the series in which Tim has his fun in ripping some of the manipulatives off...sigh)
This Little Fishy
This Little Lamb
This Little Dog

I remember watching Tim having so much fun with the manipulatives that he could focus on the book for a long time by himself. The books are good for older babies and toddlers as it helps them concentrate and improve on their fine motor skills. It also builds a good feeling about books as I saw how much fun Tim has had when working on the manipulatives.

Got these books at Kinokuniya too, they are approximately $6 each.
Dr Seuss...wonderfully good books for learning children. I bought these series of books for Timothy because it's designed specially for toddlers. The words of these books rhymes and it's especially appealing to tiny tots. These books were bought at MPH - Novena Square, they are about $9 per book.

Whilst the other series of sing-along books... are great... I have Timothy running to me time and time again with one of these books and made me sing to him as I flip the pages of the book. I noticed he'll focus on my lips and I sing... and I was watching his lips as he try to say those words too... loads of fun... These sing-along books comes in a set of 4 and it was bought at The Children's Bookstore - Bras Basah Complex. I can't remember how much it cost now as it was bought while Tim was still a baby.


jean said...

The books are indeed a good deal.... wow! maybe I should go get one too ..teehehee...

Mama Bliss said...

hehe...yeah... especially those that you could get from the Children's Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex... ;)