Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Reality check time... and so it's been over a week since Joyce was delivered... the last I've weighed myself on the scale was the day that Joyce was delivered... it was at 56.5kg... that's a whopping 12.5kg above my pre-pregnancy weight!!!

hmmm...I guess the weight issue didn't bother me much as I've put on 16kg when I was pregnant with Timothy previously... and most of it as I've discovered after delivering Tim, was the weight of the water retention in my body... cos after 3 months of delivery, I was left with the last 2 kilos to shed off...and the last 2kg was eventually all gone when Tim turned 6 months old.

Just yesterday, I was at Dr Lui's clinic waiting to have the stitches removed... I was curious about my weight, hence I stepped onto the weighing scale gingerly... half closing my eyes and half peering at the scale... to my surprise, I've lost 7.5kg, leaving me with another 5kg to work on... *phew*

It's kind of scary how my weight yo-yo up and down... nevertheless, due to my diabetes condition, I was unable to take any extremely oily/fatty/alcoholic food so no pig's trotters, no sesame oil chicken, no Dome for me... which in a way, helped my weight loss... all I take is some chicken, fish, vegetables and soup... this just might be a blessing in disguise? *grin*

Sidetrack -
Bumped into Ivy (Mama Seah) at Dr Lui's clinic yesterday...what a pleasant surprise... she looks good for a preggy mummy... sexy and pretty... hehe... Declan is so cute... he became pally with my hubby at the clinic yesterday... ;)

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Vyvy said...

Was really surprised to see you there too! Actually for a mummy that delivered, you look really energetic and fresh.

Pretty and sexy?? I thought I look fat :x hahaha thanks for the compliment! The top that I was wearing was part of the loot that you gave me :)