Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tag : Hey You! Rockin' Girl!

WOW... I couldn't be more honoured... I've been tag as a Rockin Girl Blogger! by Wokking Mum. THANK YOU, Elaine!!!

Blogging is my interest and homeschooling is my passion... what better way to share with others what I'm passionate about and interested in than through blogging... *big grin*


WokkingMum said...

You deserved it!! :)
Looking forward to more of your post on homeschooling!

Meanwhile, take care, eat more, eat well and rest, rest ,rest! ;)

Mama Bliss said...

*BIG BOW* thanks once again, Elaine!!!

Yeah trying to rest... hopefully I can cope in handling a toddler and an infant with my maid as hubby will be back to work tomorrow...

Good practice for me in my hope to become a SAHM hiaks~