Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Post About Tim & Joyce

Haven't been updating my blog for a few days... and already there are so much to update about... ;)

Tim's 18th Month assessment
Sent Tim for his final dose of DTP jab on 27th Jul (last Friday)... our brave little boy, didn't even make the slightest whimper as the nurse jabbed him... BRAVO!!! ;) *mummy beaming away*

Made another appointment for Tim to take the Hep A jab (non-compulsory), we thought it'd be good that he took all the immunization he could... better safe than sorry right... hehehe... *kiasu mama*...

Tim's Assessment - Weight 11.4kg (75%); Height 89cm (>97%); Head Circumference 49cm (90%)
Tim is doing fine, growing well... as the doctor said... Phew!!!

Tim's New Injuries
As hubby has been on leave these couple of days, there was more interaction/bonding time between the two boys (the big kid & small kid)... and it's fun to watch what the two boys were up to... especially so with Tim... being highly inquisitive and active...

While hubby was strumming his other guitar, Tim was busying himself with the classical guitar on the floor (joining daddy for a jam again)... and to our dismay, the cover of the guitar box, hit Tim and left a scratch mark on Tim's face... sigh...And just last evening, Tim was running excitedly along the hallway at home, he tripped and fell face flat, I was worried sick when I saw his upper lip bleeding badly... *faint*... gosh... but as usual, this resilient kid, was back to his running about after a couple of minutes, completely oblivious to what has happened a while ago... don't think I'll ever stop worrying about him.

Busy Timothy
There's never a dull moment for Tim... he's simply unstoppable... always busy-ing himself with things that the adults are doing... see how busy he is at the 'puter??? Some serious work is going on (he's busy learning)...

Tim's Distraction - Our Peace
As hubby was busy checking emails and preparing to leave the house this morning, he gave Tim a box to play with... and this little chap could play with the box for quite a while... interesting how easy it is to distract toddlers of this age... heh heh...
All About Joyce
Just went for my gynae check up this morning... Dr Lui said I could deliver anytime now... I'm into my 37th week of gestation and Joyce is weighing at 2.7kg at this time... Dr Lui is confident that Joyce is ready... ;) next check up is this Saturday... Dr Lui might perform the c-section op on me either this Saturday or next week nearer National Day... we'll have to play-by-ear now...
I am feeling extremely heavy at this time now and am easily breathless... can't sleep very well at night too... I could turn in at 11pm but only doze off around 12am and wake up around 3-4am and won't be able to sleep after that... it's been almost one week that I've been experiencing insomnia... sigh... price to pay for being a mother... nevertheless, I'm glad that I've ride through the most crucial 2 weeks... thank God!!! ;P

Joyce's Showers of Blessings
While we await for Joyce's arrival, she's already received some wonderful gifts from her aunt... she's one lucky girl... her aunt (hubby's eldest sis)... previously gave us about 3-4 pieces of clothes from Carter ...and just yesterday, another 6 pieces more from Mothercare was passed to us... whaoo... my sis-in-law is already doting on little Joyce even before she's out... heh heh... we just feel so blessed!!!


jean said...

HI Pauline, it's great to hear the news that you are delivering soon.. can't wait to see Joyce.. my sis also delivering soon... :)

fannie said...

rmbr to inform us when u pop! :) btw, hv not gotten your mobile...can get from u thru msn?

knicksgrl0917 said...

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crazymommy said...

wow... so fast 37th week already?! Anyway, good luck and have a smooth delivery!!

LZmommy said...

It is always nice to see pics of Tim :)

Wishing you a smooth delivery!

mommyjos said...

Hi Pauline,
boys will be boys! they get hard knocks here and there :P

Tim is so cute, looking all serious in front of the PC!

Wish you a smooth delivery!
Hope to see Joyce in action soon! :)

Wenzel 宛仟 said...

Hey Pauline,

all the best in the up-coming delivery. May it be a fast and smooth journey. Can't wait for u to post the very 1st pic of Joyce!!

Mom to Angels said...

poor tim for the little injury.

wow, it's so fast since i first read your blog that you were just expecting joyce and soon she will greet the world.

wishing u a smooth delivery.

enjoy the princess!

Mama Bliss said...

THANK YOU dear blogging Mummies... truly and deeply appreciate all your well wishes... am also looking forward to the day where I could see and hold Joyce in my arms... ;) it's really anytime now... especially so I've been feeling so restless these couple of days, can't sleep well, can't walk properly without feeling like a penguin... it's quite unbearable... but I'm glad everything is going smoothly thus far... hoping and crossing fingers tight that the delivery will be safe, smooth, easy and painless teehehehe (is it too much to ask for?)... ;)