Monday, July 23, 2007

Pay Per Post

Pay Per Post (PPP) was something I've discovered on Immomsdaugther's blogsite... it didn't occur to me then that we'd truly be paid for blogging... cos I'm a born skeptic...nevertheless, as I visit this blogging mummy's site often enough, I discovered that she's been blogging quite a bit for PPP... and has even shared all that she knows about being paid for blogging, opening opportunities for others to do likewise and benefit from it.

Curiosity has it that I've decided to check PPP out... and have read some testimonies from other bloggers who also have joined PPP... that I've decided to give PPP a try.

After signing up, I think PPP is a very organized and professional company that opens many opportunities for bloggers to get paid by blogging about things they like. Come to think of it, most of the time, we share loads of information/experiences about certain products/services on our blog without being paid...

With companies such as PPP, it's to many bloggers' benefit to be able to share of their good experiences/personal point of view and be paid for what they blog about... isn't it wonderful?

It's really not that difficult... all it takes is some commitment of time, and the passion to blog...

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