Thursday, May 31, 2007

Various Matters

Growing Boy...
Tim has grown quite a bit...instead of side-ways, it's upwards... teehehe... am not complaining... just really happy that he's been eating, sleeping, playing and growing well... as usual, loads of surprises await us in the midst of his growth... this time we discovered -
1) he's able to demonstrate to us what he wants us to do... (eg. how he wants us to play his toy with him)
2) he's able to associate/link the same object/subject matter together (eg. he sees a duck in the book and he'd point to his duckie toy)
3) he's able to put the shapes into the correct places in the toy box
4) he's good at imitating us (eg. hubby sneezed and Tim would imitate the sound of the sneeze; while I blew my nose into a tissue Tim follow suit but without the tissue *faint*)
5) he's able to bring me a tissue when he saw me blowing my nose

aiyoh... so smart right *shyless mama again*... both hubby and I always joke that all the Gain IQ milk and Scotts Emulsion Fish Oil didn't go to waste... ;) but on a serious note, we've read in this book Magic Trees of the Mind that it's very important to nurture children and assist in their brain development by stimulating with the appropriate methods and feeding the child with the correct foods... especially the first few years of the child's life...cos it's the first few years that the brain grows most rapidly.
Growing up comes with a price to pay... as I've mentioned in my previous post that he lost his balance and hit his left cheek against the leg of the dining table last week... just today, he fell and knock his right cheek *faint*... what are we to do with such an active boy... sigh... if only we could put on a crash helmet on him during his active hours of the day... aiyoh... it's just so scary where he'll hit himself next... *heartache*

Prep work in our Homeschool journey...
WOW... I'm so happy that the homeschool materials of Before Five in A Row has arrived!!! This marks the beginning of the prep work of my homeschool journey with Timothy... I've been searching, and talking to a few homeschool mothers about their choice of curriculum for a young toddler... and here's what I found... a wonderful gem... BFIAR is just simply designed for kids of 2-4yr old... as I've discovered there are very few curriculums that are suitable for kids of this age (I mean for 2 yr-olds). I like BFIAR as it's literature base and it's packed with interesting activities to nurture a child's interest in learning for it's not structured in an academic manner. The ideas provided by the guidebook has sparked loads of creative juices running in my mind of what else I could do to help Tim learn.

I know, Tim, is but only 17mths old now, how kiasu can I get right? hiaks~ well, I hope to be able to prepare myself before I start homeschooling between now and then, it's pure prep work and sourcing of ideas/other materials to add-on to make each lesson as interesting as possible to an active 2-yr-old ;)

If you are interested to learn more about BFIAR you could visit FIAR... they have materials for kids above 5 yrs as well... and if you are keen to pick up any FIAR materials you could visit The Home Library (it's run by a homeschooling mum who's now homeschooling her 3 kids). Angie, the owner of The Home Library is a very passionate homeschooling mother... she's loads to share and she's definitely more than willing to answer any of your homeschooling questions if you have any... she's also very resourceful in the areas of children's books... I'm so glad to have been introduced to her... she's really a gem!


jean said...

Hi Pauline, I'm so glad that you have found a curriculum you are comfortable in and is in the midst of prepration to homeschool Tim. Way to go!!!

Mama Bliss said...

hey Jean, thanks ;) BFIAR has been something I always wanted to do... and now that the materials are here and Tim will be turning 2 soon, I'm getting all the more excited about it... I've done quite a bit of research, reading and seeking advice from experienced homeschool mothers in my quest of preparing for THE day to homeschool Tim... ;)

In fact, I'm working on a website to share more about my research experience, and eventually I'll share more about the different methods of homeschooling I've come across too... still working on it, hopefully the website could be launched soon do give me your support yah... many thanks ;)