Saturday, June 16, 2007


Think Family...Received a basket of lovely flowers from Think Family today... how thoughtful and sweet of them to show their token of appreciation for my contribution to their website... ;)

They will be holding a roadshow coming 23rd & 24th June (Sat/Sun), promoting their website and some fun family activities that families could participate in... it'll be held at Ikea Tampines and the roadshow will start from 10am-10pm on the two days. If you happen to be there, or don't have any plans for the weekend, do go there and take a look ya... ;)

The Miracle of Life Was invited to an exclusive screening of a documentary by Nat Geo this evening at Great World City... it was a preview to an upcoming program titled "In The Womb" that's going to commence on the 24th of June for 6 weeks over in Nat Geo.

WOW... the documentary is simply fascinating... and what a wonderful miracle it is for two small cells to come together to form a child (the program featured a few ladies with twins/triplets/quads and how they are formed etc)... I'm in complete awe I must say... for a woman to have quads (naturally) is 1:6mil... imagine the odds... I was almost in tears when I saw how the babies were lifted out of the womb one after another...such wonder... *sigh of contentment* and it's by the work of our Lord!

Pink GuavaHow Rare... call me suaku if you must, it's my first encounter of a pink guava... even the fruit seller was telling me that in her years of experience, pink guavas are very rare... so perhaps I was in luck to have eaten one... ;)

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