Friday, May 04, 2007

Hear ye hear ye…read all about it!!!

Like you’ve always watched it in the movies… there’s certainly some news to look out for when you see some kids selling the newspapers shouting “Hear ye Hear ye…”

It’s happening this coming Tuesday, 8th May, in the Straits Times Digital Life!

The feature is specially dedicated to all blogging mummies… am sure this might interest/delight most of us the blogging mummies… to have a story specially covered on this growing community of proud mummies… ;)

Remember to look out for the article by Serene Luo… and lets all thank Serene for coming up with this story for us… *curtsy*


fannie said...

U really market ST's Digital Life!!!

I had to read all papers due to my job nature, but I always browse thru this supplement :x This week, I will definitely read cos its about blogging mommies :)

Mama Bliss said...

hehe... am just trying to help the journalist get some additional publicity to the Digital Life... ;)