Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hard Knocks of Life!

What's the price to pay for growing up? teehehe... loads of hard knocks of life of course!
Being an active growing boy, Tim, really has his fair share of growing pains... just 2 weeks ago, he had a fall and had an abrasion on his chin... and last weekend... he attained a bruise on his cheek after losing his balance trying to maneuvre around the dining table...

I really wonder what will happen to him next *touchwood* not that I hope he'll have another fall... but I'm just wondering out loud...Hubby always joke by saying that we should really put a crash helmet on him...

I guess, that's just part and parcel of growing up... you know, learning through pain... it's the same for us adults... afterall, no pain no gain right? We gain experience and know that by doing somethings will cause us pain...and (hopefully) we'll learn from the pain and be wiser and smarter the next time round by not making the same mistakes again... well, I do hope Tim will learn what will cause him pain and learn to wise-up the next time he's about to make the same mistake again... ;)

One area I do hope Tim will grow up to embrace is music... I truly hope he'll be musically inclined...just like his daddy... (who serenade me on our first picnic date)... ;P it's a good discipline I feel to learn music... and hopefully he'll be more refine by learning the art too... hiaks~ *dreaming mama*

Music is another form of media to communicate... and it'll be wonderful, if Tim could communicate well through playing music that will move people...oh WOW... *fantasizing mama* teehehe


Anonymous said...

hello. i am pregnant too. am 19.

love the feeling
due date should be tomorrow but i think it will be due today perhaps.

Wenzel 宛仟 said...

I hope Wenzel has a liking towards music too but so far she displays her interest more on dancing *_*"

Mama Bliss said...

hi Irene, that's not a bad start... it takes one who knows rhythm well to dance well... ;)

jean said...

learning to appreciate music is really good. both simon and i really hope to nurture grace to love music so that she can serve God in playing during worship service or other areas.