Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maid - to order?

And so we've thought about it for quite a while we should resolve our household chores + childcare issues when the new addition comes along... we wanted to get a maid (not to order around of course) rather one who could relieve us from all the housework and running around 2 kids...

I fully admire those SAHM with 2 or more kids, who has NO helper at home at all... their stamina and their commendable!

With only Tim, we (both Steven and I) are deadbeat every weekend just running around him and doing just only laundry and some basic cleaning... leaving most of the housework to the part-time maid.

We're still toying with the thought, as we have been open to an opportunity to take on a transfer her current employer needs to release her due to family issues. The maid seems very decent... she's from the Philippines... quite young (about 24 yr old, according to the current employer)... as we have ZERO experience in maid matters, there seems to be a lot for us to find out...hmmm...

Anyways, it's approximately 4 more months before I'm due, we've made provisions to accommodate a live-in maid... dedicated a space for her to sleep in, bought a new bed etc... so lets see what happens next... hopefully all will turn out right for us...


jean said...

Hey, how's the appt with the gynae today?

Yea, I learnt something about maid. Tho' I don't have any but I do learnt that having a maid doesn't mean that the maid will do everything.

Infact, we are the main person managing the house and the maid is there to help you. Some that I know, literally leave everything to the maid and do nothing. That's bad, I tell you.

Blessings to you and your family!

Mom to Angels said...

Hi, as I've been through this maid issue, and some quite drama... and would like to share what I think.

As your priority is the well-being of the kids, then a maid that can speak and understand English is important. Her ability to care for babies and toddlers are equally, if not more important.

Good luck!

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Jean, teehehe... scan went well, baby is doing well thus far... I'll do a blog entry on the detailed scan later... ;)

Yes, indeed, Steven, reminded me several times that the maid is only a domestic help, and occasional baby-sitting, cannot relinquish our responsibilities as parents to the maid... ;P

Hi Mom to angels, thanks for sharing... I really needed all the advise and shared experiences about maid issues... cos I'm completely lost at this time actually... :/