Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's all about Timothy...

Timothy is growing pretty well thus far... just took his height and weight... he's right now 11kg and 81cm tall... and he's lower lateral incisors are sprouting out of his gums as I'm typing this entry...teehehe... thank God for his growing well... ;)

Weekend, was once again filled with activities and fun... with Timothy, there's never a dull moment... we were invited to Jireh's (Noel & Jenny's youngest son) 2nd birthday celebration... we didn't expect a cosy and wonderfully conducive place to be made available at the Delta Sports Complex... till we were there... nice place to host any small cosy birthday parties for the little ones... as they have a lot of fun stuff packed for kids ranging from age 2 onwards...We put Tim into the pool of balls...and he have had his fair share of fun throwing the balls... and we also tried to see how he reacted to baby swing, he apparently liked it... ;) it'll be more fun if he is able to walk independently...then again, every child has their own time-table when it comes to walking... so I've been reassured not to worry about it at this time...
Tim was watching his uncle practicing his golf swing after dinner on Saturday evening... Tim was fascinated... he just watched silently every move that his uncle made teehehe... his uncle then passed him the golf club and Tim has exhibited yet another potential... future Tiger Woods perhaps??? hiaks!~

Weekend, ended yet so swiftly... wish we had 7 days of weekend...*big grin*

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