Thursday, March 15, 2007

Whoops! Overdue Tag

So I've been tagged again...sorry May, this came late, I haven't been visiting fellow blogging mummies' blog and updating my blog regularly enough... ;P

Ok, I've been tagged on 5 Wishes I have for My Children

For Timothy (think this works the same for my unborn baby too) -
1) They'll grow up to be a God honouring and God fearing children
2) They'll be healthy, happy, bouncy and normal (not that he is abnormal now, just hope he is not plagued by ADHD lah, Autism lah all the scary modern child problems *touchwood*)
3) They'll learn to accept things that they cannot change and have the courage to change things they could
4) They'll learn to love their neighbours as themselves
5) They'll fulfil God's destiny for them... ;)

That's also my prayers for them constantly... :P I'm just truly grateful that God has so richly blessed us with 2 children... so I hope and pray that my children will love God as much as God loves them.... oops is that the 6th wish? Guess, I've overshot... teehehe

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WhenWillTheySplit said...

I love your 5 wishes for your baby and unborn baby... I have 2 little boys myself - ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 - and due with my 3rd son in 4 weeks - so I saw your wishes and completely agreed! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.
- Audrey