Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TAGGED again...

teehehe... been tagged by several other mummies recently... it's getting fun... ;) here's the latest, was tagged by LZMommy...so here goes...

[A is for age]:
Just turned a year 'wiser', 34 now!

[B is for booze of choice]:
Hmmm…usually Red Wine, but haven’t touch a drop of alcohol for a loooooong time now

[C is for career]:
Advertising – Client Service… but hoping/yearning to be a SAHM…

[D is for your most dreaded]:
When I have to deal with superficial, condescending, low EQ people…

[E is for essential item you use everyday]:
Internet access…

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:
God Will Make A Way

[G is for favorite games]:
Computer games

[H is for Hometown]:
Central, Singapore

[I is for indulgence:]

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:]
Sky Juice, plain and healthy

[K is for kids]:
Timothy my darling son, and a new addition on the way

[L is for last hug from husband]
This morning…

[M is for years of marriage]:
This year is the 3rd year

[N is for name of your crush]:

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:
First experience was for an observation due to early contraction; second experience was when Timothy was born…

[P is for phobias]:
Public speaking?

[Q is for quote]:
We can face any fear when we know the Lord is near...

[R is for biggest regret]:
Not coming to know God earlier… would have been spared from so many wrong turns in my life.

[S is for status, married or single]:
Blissfully Married

[T is for time you wake up]:
6.30am - 7am daily (including weekends)

[U is for underwear]:
What is there to talk about my underwear huh? teehehe

[V is for vegetable you love]:
All types of vegetables… I simply love to eat vegetables…

[W is for worst habit]:
Impulsive shopping…

[ X is for x-rays you’ve had]:
Last X-ray I’ve had was ermm… cannot remember already… but I’ve done chest and gums/teeth X-rays before

[Y is for yummy food you make]:
Bake Chicken Wings

[Z is for zodiac sign]:

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