Thursday, March 01, 2007

Safeguard the Web for Children

Ooh... so I've been tagged... Mummy Elaine, has tagged me on this... so here I am making this entry in response to her... ;)

Not sure if this campaign is for real...I'll just do it anyways, because it's for a good cause as I've observed...I'm attaching the short write-up that Mummy Elaine has made... just cut & paste (the lazy man's style teehehe) easy peasy...

To read more about it please click here

Mummies out there will agree that the every 1st thing we worry about when our kids surf the net is porn sites. This campaign, Safeguard the Web for Children, is a request to all the “adult site” webmasters to have a password-protected login on porn sites for all the explicit materials and not to have “free clips”, “free tours” and/or “free pics” without login.

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MIhaela "Mig" Lica said...

Thank you, Mama Bliss! The campaign is for real. At least we try to make it real. And entries like yours do give us hope. Links to your pages were added at