Friday, March 02, 2007

Random Post

hmmm there's been quite a bit of happenings around us lately... so I'll just do a post on various events/activities we've been involved in recently

First of all, my short 1sec fame on TV *big grin*... a bit paiseh but, in case you were wondering, if that person on the Event Ad about the Viewers' Choice award was me, yes, IT WAS... as I've received sms/msn msg/comments the past few days with friends/family members querying if that person they saw on TV was me ...yes yes yes, it was me... don't be mistaken it's not me that received the award but I was there on behalf of my client to receive the Viewers' Choice award... to those who have voted for my client... THANK YOU... ;) I personally loved the ad very much... it's a great ad (view the full version here) with an interesting story behind it... kudos to the creative guys!

This week is a YuSheng week... I think I'm having a serious Yusheng overdose... from Monday onwards we've been having YuSheng lunches everyday with various media owners + 1 co's lunch... thank goodness CNY ends this week...phew... teehehe... better don't complain... this is to make up for all the YuSheng lunches I've missed last year due to my maternity leave... hiaks!~
On Wednesday evening, this week, we met up with Jenny and Noel for dinner at Cafe de Amigo, interesting French food at an affordable price...teehehe... Jenny has got coupons that's 1-for-1 set dinner meal... so we had 4 set dinners at the price for 2... oooh WONDERFUL.... but it was Jireh (Jenny & Noel's youngest son) that intrigued me more than the food... he is simply ADORABLE... he's almost 2-yr-0ld but he's able to speak in complete sentences and has a wide variety of vocabulary...he's able to understand bahasa too cos he's taken care of by an Indon maid... wow... this is one super kid... he started walking at the age of 9mths, has a full set of teeth before he turned 1-yr old, and now he's able to speak so well... no wonder Jenny & Noel are so happy... teehehe...

Ooh! and finally... I've received a $75 worth of vouchers to shop at Forum Galleria... now... more shopping for Timothy or perhaps for the new addition? YAAY... Retail therapy in the world?!? (hubby would think otherwise, hiaks~)


Cactus said...

One seconda fame on TV? Ah, I misssed that.. such a pity.

Mama Bliss said...

teehehe...ya now even the aunty of the fruit stall at my work place ask me about it... *faint*