Friday, February 09, 2007

Nuchal Chromosomal Scan

Was on half-day leave this morning as I was due for the Nuchal Chromosomal Check (in layman’s term, it’s to check the fetal for signs of Down Syndrome, Batau & Edward Syndromes). If you wish to learn more about it, do read it here …according to Dr Lui, this is a more accurate check… as it combines both ultrasound scan + blood test. Accuracy is up to 90% (without having to go through Amniocentisis test which bears a 1 % risk of miscarriage).

Before the check-up time, I had a quick early morning breakfast with hubby at the Kopi Tiam… one of the routine things we did when I was still expecting Timothy. Lots of nostalgia flood through me this morning… how I missed those times where we spent most mornings talking about things in general, sharing our dreams, our hopes and our ideals… we haven’t had much time to do such things now that we are both so busy with Timothy, with work, with anything and everything except spending quality time together. With Valentine’s Day round the corner, perhaps it’s time to rekindle that spirit of romance again? *hint hint hubby*

Anyways, back to the check-up, the ultrasound scan reveals that the baby is normal … I saw the baby’s head, nose, spine, upper/lower limbs, heart, stomach… except the genitals teehehe…so am still kept in suspense. The baby was quite actively moving around when the Sonographer tried to do the scan… heh heh… baby looks very cute (hopefully he/she will grow to be as cute as Timothy) and I can’t help but to marvel at God’s work… this child is indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made in our Lord”… such miracle, it’s amazing…at the size of approximately 7cm the baby is a mini human (with all the organs already in place)…awww what an awesome God we have!!! Thank God and Praise God for yet another miracle that’s growing within me…*big grin*

The blood test results will be sent to Dr Lui, so it’s till the next visit that I’ll know the results…but should there be any abnormalities *touchwood* Dr Lui will keep me informed immediately…

**Latest Update**

Dr Lui, called to update me in the evening that everything was 'beautiful' (in his words)... PRAISE THE LORD!!! The combine blood test + scan turns out that my chances of a down syndrome is 1:6851!!!


jean said...

Praise the LORD! As long as the bb is healthy, i guessed sex won't be a matter. It's a blessing that one can be fruitful and multiply. God bless!

Mama Bliss said...

Thanks Jean, indeed, girl or boy the baby is still a wonderful blessing from our Lord! ;)

Vyvy said...

great that things are all "beautiful". keep it on!!

Mama Bliss said...

Thanks very much Ivy... ;) have noted your new blog address...will change the link later... here's to wish you happy new blog warming...teehehe

Wokking Mum said...

Glad to hear everything is "beautiful"!

Take care!