Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Diagnosis, The Cure & The Damage

Finally We've had Tim checked... to our relief, the PD, said it's nothing too serious... however, we need to give Tim's body some time to fight the disease... sigh... but this ever active boy can't sit still while we were at the clinic... see for yourself...

The Diagnosis
He has developed bronchitis and it's probably developed from an allergy... as it's the first time he's ever had such an allergy, the Doctor can't be certain what's it that he's allergic to... hmmm...

The Cure
So he was given some medication for allergic cough, runny nose, and the Doctor wants us to continue with Dhatifen (which was given by the GP previously)... we were asked to give Tim another 1-2wks before he'd recover... we're still praying and hoping for a 'speedier' Tim's nose is running like a tap... gosh!
The Damage
This visit to the PD costed us $75, I feel it's well worth it, at least it gives me a peace of mind that Tim is not as sick as I've imagined him to be...and he is certainly not down with the dreadful, Pneumoccocal Disease... but after this episode, hubby, finally said that it's time to give him the vaccination! *YAAY*
A BIG HUGE THANKS to all the blogging mummies, who've given us -

* A word of encouragement
* A word of advice
* A word of prayer
Am deeply touched and grateful to all your care and concerns... ;)


jean said...

Glad to know that Tim is alright. Continue to pray, HE will work wonders. Take care.

A blessed and prosperous lunar new year to you and family. God bless.

Wokking Mum said...

It's the same medication as Warren had!!! hehehe .. Our PD said also said it's some kind of allergy, common for kids below 5 ...

Glad that Tim is alright! Hope he will get well very soon!


Mama Bliss said...

Thanks very much, Jean, for your prayer support... Tim's recovering very well... the runny nose has stopped... and I hear less of him coughing too... so Praise the Lord!

Hi Elaine, yeah... I guess, it's a common ailment amongst small kids... teehehe...that's why the Drs used all the same medication hiaks!~ Thanks for your well wishes... Tim is doing well thus far... and I'm so relief...