Saturday, January 20, 2007

Walker Wagon - Montessori

Thanks to dear Wendy, who gave this learning toy to Timothy as his birthday present... it's one of the most wonderful gifts we've received...and it definitely serves its purpose well to a Montessori mama... ;)

The learning toy that Wendy gave was the closest to what Montessori has listed as one of the essential learning tool for the child... the Walker Wagon... wooo hooo... this marks the first Montessori material we have in my quest to 'educate' Tim with the Montessori method...

Some weeks ago, I sprung up with the idea to make an alphabet book for Tim using felt material... it's an alternative to Montessori's sandpaper letterings... thought sandpaper was a bit rough for tiny young fingers... so came up with the 'brilliant' idea (or so I thought), that became quite a painstaking experience for both hubby and myself... hmmm... the things parents would do for their little ones... hehehe...
Well here it is... the lettering made of felt... the purpose of this is to teach the child using a sensorial method to learn how to write... cos the kids between 0yrs and 6yrs are at the Sensitive period.

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