Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What's happening?

Been so extremely busy that I didn't have time neither the energy to blog about the latest happenings about Tim...

Last weekend, was frantic for both hubby and myself...cos Tim was having teething blues... he cried and fuss all day long... couldn't seem to let us put him down in his play yard at all...

Fortunately, he's recovered quite quickly, on Monday, he's up and about... smiling from ear-to-ear and actively screaming and crawling around...PHEW!

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So what's Tim been up to of late?

At 11 months old:
- He's able to crawl and sit up independently
- He's able to climb (on his fours of course) up and down the staircase (oooh... scary)
- He's able to gesture by pointing at things/place he wants/wants to go to
- He's able to put the toy phone to his ear (as if he is expecting someone on the other side of the phone - teehehe)
- He's able to hold a baby toothbrush on his own (not that he knows how to brush his own teeth yet - hiaks~)
- He's able to 'comb' his hair with a baby hairbrush (hehe just by putting the brush on his head makes him feel so happy)
- He's able to protest (very loudly/'violently') on things he doesn't like/want

That's about all I've observed the past week or so... more to come... *grin*

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