Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tim's Birthday Party

It's another 11 days to Tim's birthday bash... and I'm getting so excited about it... teehehe... almost all the prep work is done... here's the checklist

ü Invites Sent
ü Venue Booked
ü Food Catering Ordered
ü Birthday Cake Ordered
ü Birthday Décor Ready
ü Party Poppers Purchased
ü Goodie Bags for Guests
ü Prizes for Games Bought
ü Tim’s Birthday Suit Bought
ü Photographer/Videographer assigned

Here's Tim's birthday suit... nice? hehehe...got it from Chateau de Sable at Suntec City... thought the shirt will look cute on Tim... can't wait to see him wearing the birthday suit... ;)


IMMomsDaughter said...

Wow! A big bash it seems. Hope Tim enjoys it as much as mommy does planning for it ;)

Mom to Angels said...

hi, i got the same shirt for my son, kieran this afternoon!

chich mommies hv great taste!

cheers & congrats to a new addition on the way!

Mama Bliss said...

Hi immomsdaughter... yeah... i sure hope so too...teehehe

Hi mom to angels... great minds think alike!~ Incidentally, I bought the shirt yesterday afternoon too... wah hahaha

Mom to Angels said...

Ooh, what a coincidence!

I got it @ juz b4 1.30pm! Was there on Monday but the poor boutique was flooded.

Mama Bliss said...

hehehe mom to angels... we've missed each other by an hour... was there around 1230pm and saw that there were suntec mgmt ppl looking at the ceiling of the shop... guessed it must have been about the flood that they were there... ;)

MyBabies said...

Hope Tim enjoy the party! :)

Wokking Mum said...

Looks like mom is more excited than the birthday boy. Hehehe! I'm sure everyone's going to enjoy! Don't tire yourself too much. ^_-

Mama Bliss said...

hihi mybabies & wokking mum, thanks!!! yeah... am an easily excitable mama muahaha

kelly said...

I'm sure Tim will have a good time...:p