Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's New...

It's one of the days in the week I love most... it's the weekend of course!!! This week, I discovered that Timothy was able to pull himself up with the support of some furnitures... it's a new milestone for Tim once again... and I'm truly happy to have discovered it earlier this week... when I went to his bedroom I saw him standing up on his own... oooh... what a wonderful surprise!!!

Now the challenge is... he can't sit down after standing up...teehehe... he'll very often scream for our help when he's stuck at standing for too long... *LOL*

Here's a short videoclip of his new achievement...

Finally, we were able to take a pix of Tim's first teeth... so often, we'd try to open his mouth but he'd also stick out his tongue, that made it difficult for us to take a nice pix of his new white pearlies... *grin*... so at last here it is... ;)

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