Monday, November 06, 2006

How to Fall in Love & Stay in Love...

I am no expert in the area of Marriage (it's still a daily learning experience for me), but I've always taken interest to find out how I could remain in bliss and in love with hubby... I was blessed to receive the book "His Needs, Her Needs" as a wedding gift... within the book I've discovered loads of treasures on what it takes to keep that fire burning and what are the steps to take to be honest and to resolve a conflict... etc

I'd also like to re-emphasize, marriage is a two-way traffic and when problems arise, both parties need/must be willing to open up to each other honestly and listen to each other... then take steps to resolve their differences... patience, compassion, grace, love and mercies play a very big part too...

I'd like to share a summary list of Dr Harley's (the author who wrote "His Needs, Her Needs)basic concept of Falling in Love, Staying in Love... for details you may wish to go to my other blog on Marriage & Parenthood

Basic Concept #1 - The Love Bank
Everything that a couple do to each other will affect their love for each other either positively or negatively. Being aware of their actions affect each other, set most of the couple on a course of action that preserved their love and saved their marriages...

Basic Concept #2: Instincts and Habits

Basic Concept #3: The Most Important Emotional Needs

Basic Concept #4: The Policy of Undivided Attention

Basic Concept #5: Love Busters

Basic Concept #6: The Policy of Radical Honesty

Basic Concept #7: The Giver and Taker

Basic Concept #8: The Three States of Mind in Marriage

Basic Concept #9: The Policy of Joint Agreement

Basic Concept #10: Four Guidelines for Successful Negotiation

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