Saturday, October 14, 2006


Went to Dr Tan for my routine check-up this morning...and my diabetes condition is well under control... Dr Tan gave me a new dose of I'm making plans for #2... *grin*

Then... we attended the church wedding of J & S (hubby's nephew)... it's indeed a witness of a new beginning...felt the deja vu... as the couple recited their wedding vows to each other... I still remember how both hubby and I learnt to memorise our wedding vows... t'was fun...but now all forgotten already... ;P come to think of it, we were only married May last year... *smile*
One thing I've taken away from the wedding service was - marriage is a gift from God... as I reflected and ponder on this point, I came to a brand new realization that God has been tremendously good to me for granting me a gift of marriage and a bundle of joy... I should be so luckily blessed!!! *contented*

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