Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

Read an article in the latest issue of Simply Her, and was inspired by one of the articles on ‘Doing Good’… came up with a few of my own Random Acts of Kindness…

How uncanny, just yesterday, I was on the MRT where I saw the sticker above a seat, to remind us (Singaporeans) to be gracious by giving up the seat to those who needs it more… If we could all apply some of these little acts of kindness more often, we are well on our way to a gracious society…

The List of Random Acts of Kindness (combi of mine and Simply Her’s)

There are so many little ways you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Delight them by…

1) Say thank you to the uncles/aunties who clean up the table for us at the hawker centre/food court

2) Tipping the taxi drivers with the lose change

3) Tell someone in a discreet way if she has food in her teeth, an undone zipper or a stain on their clothes. They won’t be embarrassed; they’ll be grateful

4) When you see someone who look lost, ask if they need help

5) Let the person behind you in the supermarket go first if they are buying just a few items.

6) Share your umbrella with someone who’s going your way on a rainy day

7) Offer a cold drink to the foreign worker doing upgrading work outside your flat, the boy at the carwash or the sweeper who keeps your corridor clean

8) Give your new neighbour a map of shops, bus-stops, MRT stations and other amenities in your area

9) If you see someone carrying heavy bags or trying to carry a pram up steps, offer to help them out

10) Phone a friend or family member just to say thank you for their love/care/concern/help

11) If someone is approaching the lift, hold the lift door for them

12) Most importantly, remember your Ps & Qs…(ie. please & thank yous)

13) Take care of yourself. If you’re happy, the others around you will be as well

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