Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's Children's Day!!!

Saturday, 30th Sep - we were off to Upper Pierce Reservoir, for a nice morning walk... the place is much quieter and scenic... saw A LOT of monkeys loitering around the vicinity... that's as close as we could get to nature these days, in Singapore... ;)We (hubby and I) decided to just see how Timothy would react by putting him into the car boot... it appeared that he was having more fun than being fearful...*smile*

Sunday, 1st Oct - Children's day... love and honour our children, for they are special and unique in every way... they are God's wonderful blessings...

It's Timothy's first encounter of Children's day... so this is for you, our darling son, HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!~

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Mummy Jo said...

wow. nice pic of you and tim :)

he's so comfy in mama's arms