Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm on a Shopping Spree

What is a woman to do to de-stress?

Retail Therapy of course!

Nothing beats a nice shopping spree...when under tremendous pressure... SHOP! (errm, can picture hubby's worried face, hiaks!~)

Of course, shop within allocated budget, within means lah... am not in those mindless days anymore... must be more Prudent...

I've discovered that I've been shopping more for Timothy and other people than for myself lately... signs of 'self-less-ness'? (I wonder...)

Got a set of 3 Body Suits and 5 pairs of socks for my bro's to-be-born girl... so cute right? I just simply can't resist... and hubby was quick to comment that luckily we do not have a girl... cos Tim's cabinet is already exploding at the seams with clothes... teeheheAnd how can the shopping spree be completed without buying something for my darling son, Timothy... was recommended to get some Baby Einstein vcds for Tim by Jenny(our good friend who's homeschooling her 2 children)... so decided to just get these two at this time...psst...actually, Tim, has no lack of educational vcds at home... but a kiasu and shopaholic mama still has to buy something more... *blush*

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