Monday, September 18, 2006

This Weekend...

16th Sep 2006 - Saturday
T'was a rather special weekend as we have had a very very special guest in our midst - Uncle Joseph. It was some 15 years ago since the last time Uncle Joseph was back in Singapore. He's now residing in the US - California.

And there's Timothy basking in the love of his grandpa once again. Tim is indeed a very very fortunate boy to have so much love being showered on him.

17th Sep 2006 - Sunday
This morning was quite chilly and finally found a good reason for Tim to don the very nice shirt which Elaine got as a gift for Tim when we were in Melbourne, (many thanks, Elaine!). Look at how 'handsome' Tim is in that shirt...teehehe
This morning while we were in church, I met a little boy who is 3mths old, looking so adorable and it occurred to me that Tim is such a big boy now at 8.5mths old, that I can't even remember how he looked like when he was 3mths old. Is Tim growing up too quickly or am I getting older too swiftly? hmmm....
Tim is not as cheery as he usually is, today, perhaps it's the gloomy weather or maybe he's sleepy (noticed his grouchy face)...kekeke

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